Location is all important when planning your holiday on Lord Howe Island.

Although the settled area of the island is comparatively small in area, the terrain is quite varied and certain sections of the roads can present somewhat of a challenge, given that pushbikes are the most popular mode of transport.

Stay at Howeana and you can forget the stress and hassle of having to negotiate a steep hill when you wish to return to your apartment. Near most shops, cafes, restaurants, boatsheds and the jetty, our close proximity to both the Lagoon and Ned's Beach offers you the opportunity to create some priceless holiday memories, not always possible if you don't have easy access to those special spots.


Imagine wandering 100 metres from your front door, through Kentia palms and ancient Banyan trees, to experience the magic of Ned's Beach. You can be there at nightfall to experience the phenomena of the muttonbirds returning to their burrows after a day at sea. Start your day with an early morning plunge into the crystal clear water, which you'll share with the masses of tame fish this beach is famous for.

Stroll 300 metres to the west to Signal Point and share a bottle of wine while the sun slips into the ocean, revealing a star studded sky and the majestic silhouette of the mountains over a silvery sea.


These are memories you'll treasure for a lifetime and it's all too easy to make it happen when you're staying at Howeana.